Report from EGB Horse Ride Ringstead 17/18 June 2017

Thank you to all the team that were available to assist with communications at this two day event.

It turned out to be the hottest weekend of the year so far with temperatures peaking in the PM at  over 30C in places.

Thankfully incidents were limited and mainly related to heat or riders getting misplaced.

RF wise we ran the usual frequency of 144.650MHZ using 5W and locally provided cover to all but one of the locations directly. We struggled at times on Saturday with another event taking place on the eastern side of Norfolk that were using the same frequency. There appeared to be one station that was either running sub-tones or had a very deaf receiver – as although they were a good  signal they did not hear our replies from the control location even after increasing our power levels briefly to 50W.

HF was attempted on Sunday but unfortunately either due to RF noise or location proved unusable.

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