Report from Wissey Half Marathon Sun 1st Sep 2019

Thank you to the team that turned out to cover this annual event. Just over 300 runners took part with the bulk finishing without any issues.

We used simplex communications on 144.650 MHz throughout the event with control moving between two strategic locations on the higher parts of the course. This provided good coverage between our stations.

Report from Samaritans Cycle Ride 12th May 2019

Thank you to the team that turned out to provide radio cover for this annual event.  Just over 70 riders took part with only a couple of incidents for St John Ambulance to deal with.

We covered the bulk of the course on 10w to the standard mast. Local talkthrough was used to allow for flexibility at the start/finish area.

Report from Houghton Hall Charity Horse Ride 7th April 2019

Thank you to the members that turned out to provide safety cover at this annual event. Just under 190 riders took part and no incidents were reported.

There was some quite challenging weather starting in fog which then moved into some heavy rain and temperatures didn’t get above 10c.

We set up a small control station, which using 5w of RF at 144.650MHz provided good coverage around the course.



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Report from group AGM 18th November 2018

The groups AGM took place on 18th Nov 2018 with a good turnout of members. Re – election of the group officers took place with G1SCQ, G4OKH and M3MPD staying in post.

Discussion took place about use of digital modes, network radios, Raynet HF net, leaflets for promotion, community resilience and equipment refresh.

Report from Sandringham Charity Horse Ride 7th October 2018

Thank you to the members that assisted with the communications at this event. It was one of the larger rides held at the venue with 290 riders taking part.

Incident wise we had several horses decide to tip off their riders and do a bolt. Also a suitably placed wasp nest added to the day with several stings reported.

RF wise we had good coverage on 2m with 5W to a low mounted antenna. Some HF was also tested on ground wave which worked well with little noise.


Report from Wissey half marathon Sun 02 Sep 2018

We provided safety cover for this annual event for just over 300 runners. Very hot conditions meant St John Ambulance had several people to deal with as the heat took its toll. Race started on time at 10:30 and final runner was back at finish by 13:50. We had good cover using 2m simplex for the main running area.

Report from Samaritans Charity Cycle Ride 13 May 2018

Thank you to the group members that were able to assist at this annual charity cycle event.Although cold the rain held off for the riders that took part.

We used the usual aerial arrangements with 10W on 144.650MHz to cover the main points on the course. We had some RF issues through to Sedgeford but the higher vehicle used at that location seemed to improve the situation.

Thankfully St John Ambulance didn’t have anything of note to deal with.

Report from Sandringham Charity Horse Ride 6th May 2018

Thank you to members of the team that turned out on one of the hottest days of the year so far. We had around 180 riders that managed to complete the multiple distance course. A couple of minor logistics issues were dealt with during the day.

RF wise re ran a net on 144.650MHz with no coverage issues.

Start for some of the riders


Report from Houghton Charity Horse Ride 15th April 2018

Thank you to members that were able to assist at this event.  We started the day in mist and gradually moved to sunshine with a good number of horse riders taking part. St John Ambulance had a couple of incidents to deal with neither of which were serious.

We ran a slightly different crossband repeater at control running 2.5W at 144.650 MHz which worked well to a short tripod based antenna.

Crossband repeater based on Icom radios

Control aerial

Misty day for the event