North Anglia Raynet is part of the National Radio Amateurs Emergency Network.

For full information please visit the National Website .

Membership is open to interested licensed radio amateurs and others with an active interest in providing voluntary emergency communications.

On joining Raynet you will be insured whilst on active recognised and organised events. This provides third party liability and optionally personal accident insurance.

All members are supplied with encapsulated photo ID cards which are recognised Nationally by user services. Your details are also held on a central database to allow for call out and regular contact.

Current membership fees are set at £7.20 per year  (60p per month) and includes personal accident insurance.

Please contact the group controller for payment methods and confirmation of current amounts to align to our registration period.

For those wishing to join please download and complete the appropriate membership forms:

Application for Membership (REG02)

Individual Members Agreement (REG06)

Individual Members Agreement Under 18 (REG06J)

Please note that membership is at the discretion of the groups management committee and that a commitment is required for training and covering user service activities. If you do not have enough time to partake in regular coverage of events – which helps to  provide operational training – then membership maybe declined.

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