Report from Sandringham Charity Horse Ride 12 Oct 2014

Thank you to the members that turned out to support this event on a foggy morning!  Weather improved and the organiser had a record number of just over 260 riders taking part. There were couple of riders off horses but these were dealt with promptly.

Radio wise we used the usual antenna and radio arrangement with 5w on 2m fed from a 70cm talk through to allow a flexible control.  We also tried HF on 3.663MHz to a couple of locations but there was S9 of noise at control which made it very challenging.

Sandringham Charity Horse Ride Sun 12th Oct 2014

We are looking for volunteers to help provide safety cover at this multi-distance horse ride. Some locations are coverable by hand-held and the others require a little bit more in terms of equipment. More details of the event can be found on the events page here.

If you are free to help please contact the group controller.

Report from Sandringham Walk Ten Sat 30th Aug 2014

Thank you to all the team that turned out to assist at this new event for us. Around 650 people took part in this event through the grounds and scenic drive at Sandringham.

We put up a small mast with good coverage to the whole of the area from 5w at 145.200 MHz.  One of our operators travelled with British Red Cross to attend a couple of minor medical incidents on the course. Once again local knowledge proved very useful.

Event coverage for us was completed by 21:00.


Sandringham Walk Ten Sat 30th Aug 2014

We are looking for volunteers to help provide safety communications cover for this charity 10km walk. Timings and locations to be finalised but will be in the Sandringham area during the evening and given the potential terrain 4×4 operators are useful but some of the road crossings will be easily accessible by normal vehicle.   User service will be Red Cross.

Please can you let the group controller know if you are available to assist.


Deials of the event can be found on the vents page here.

Report from EGB Horse Ride Ringstead 21/22 June 2014

Thank you to all members that turned out to assist with safety communications at this event. No issues were encountered with riders either day with thankfully none getting misplaced!

We used the usual set up of small mast and dual band collinear with 10w on 145.200MHz. This covered well on Saturday but on Sunday we encountered some difficulty getting through to CP3. However a well place station on Peddars Way crossing near Fring relayed messages on VHF.  We also attempted a low power HF test on the Sunday but sadly the 5W on small antenna at control was not quite enough to get through to CP3 even though the received signals were good from there on both 80m and 40m.

Ringstead EGB Long Distance Horse Ride 21/22nd June 2014

We are looking for volunteers to help provide safety cover for this 2 day day event. Start and Finish is in Ringstead and the various rides go out from here to some of the surrounding North West Norfolk undulating countryside.

More detail of the route can be found on the events page here.


Names to group controller please.


Report from Samaritans Charity Cycle Ride 18th May 2014

Thank you to all the members that supported this event.  We ended up with just under 100 riders of all  abilities starting this event. Course was ran anti-clockwise and also had a slightly shorter route option for those couldn’t do the whole route.

As usual this proves to be a challenge to cover all points from one control location on 2m so the Sedgeford messages were relayed through the station located at Red Barn Farm. We also tried a previously used control location at Mill Hill but sadly this didn’t make it into Sedegford village.

For completeness here are the final locations and signal strengths received at control

Location Callsign Name Signal
 Start/Finish – Near Sandringham Visitor Centre G7RNA/P
 Response  M3HPT  Peter
 M3PHN  Phil
 Dersingham – Chalk Pit Crossing  G7WGL  Kev R5
 Red Barn Crossing inc watering point  G4OZG  Ted R4
 Sedgeford  M3WCF  Mike R0
Snettisham – Park Farm Crossing  G7WGL Kev R2
Dersingham – Dodds Hill R5
Sandringham – Saw Mill turning R5