The groups new website is now live and all the previously used facilities on the old site have been transferred across. If there are any problems found please use the contact form and let us know. The old site is still available for archive purposes and can be found at

Work continues on updating the new group website. We have a few more tweaks to make and hope to go fully live in April.

We are looking for around 4 operators for this horse ride to provide safety communications cover.   First horses away at  09:30.

Course route to be confirmed closer to event but based on previous events we will run a net on 145.200.

Please advise group controller if available to assist.


Details of the course and cover can be found in the event calendar here .

Thank you to members for all the replies regarding re-registering with the group.  I am waiting for replies from a a few more  and will then send off the details ( and money!) to National Raynet.

Thank you to the members that managed to make the AGM. The group controller gave a report which recorded us dealing with 12 seperate activites & exercises throughout the year.

Other topics discussed including the procurement of a control unit, working relationships with user services, changes to the website and training.

The committe elected to run the group for 2013/14 is:

  • Chairperson/Group Controller: G1SCQ Kevin
  • Vice Chair & Technical Officer: G4OKH Martin
  • Treasurer: M3MPD Larry
  • Secretary: M3JKO Joey

Thanks to all who made contact to offer your services and I know several of you were probably waiting in the wings for any call.

In the end amateur comms was used for one message to confirm safe arrival of staff at the rest centre established in Hunstanton. Thankfully in West Norfolk only limited numbers required evacuation and the phone networks and systems held up during the storm and heavy winds.

Ironic that this all occurred in the 60th year of Raynet’s inception following the 1953 flooding.

Greetings of the festive season to all members of the group. Lets hope 2014 is a successful and healthy year.