Sandringham Charity Horse Ride

12 Oct 2014 @ 09:00 – 16:00

This is a multi-distance horse ride for charity. We can have up to 200 riders taking part.

Operational frequency will be 145.200 MHz and  for those that wish to experiment HF on 3.663MHz.

First horse is planned to be away at 09:15. I intend to be on site at around 08:45 to erect antenna,

Planned locations are:

Tac Call Location Callsign Name Notes
Control TF694275 G7RNA/P Kevin  Supported by M3JKO unless required at R5
Response  To be confirmed
R1 TF698282  M3RQQ Robin
R2 TF737282  M3MPD Larry
R3 TF719281  G7NJP Mike
R4 TF709260  G4OZG Ted
R5 TF690270  G7WGL Kev  May become response in which case M3JKO will take over.

Organisers course route can be downloaded from sandringhamhorseride12oct14smallhere .(1MB jpg)

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