Event Reports

Report from Sandringham Charity Horse Ride Sunday 8th May 2016


Checkpoint R2


We saw over two hundred horses on the day


The control area including the donated Lynx bus


The control… 70cm link to talkthrough unit, HF and PMR.

Thank you to the members that were able to attend this event. We provided a good safety net for 220 horse riders on the hottest day of the year so far (just under 30C).  RF wise 144.650MHz was used into a low power cross-band 2 – 70 talk-through unit with no issues encountered. We also had a brief 80m test with excellent ground wave QRP signals between two stations.

Report from Charity Horse Ride Houghton Hall 24 April 2016

Thank you to all members that were able to assist with this event. We provided cover at two fixed locations covering road crossings.We also had a mobile response that was available as needed. A good 2m net was provided between the mobiles and control on 144.650MHz.

Just over 140 riders took part and no incidents were reported.

Exercise Globalset Callout Group Results

Thank you to members of the group that took part in the exercise.  The results for our group are as follows:

Availability to respond on Fri 18th Dec 2015  at 11:15

Within 1 hour – 7 members

1 to 4 hours – 3 members

4 to 12 hours – 1 member

Report from Sandringham Charity Horse Ride Sun 11th Oct 2015

Thank you to all members that were available to help provide safety cover for this event.  We had 280 riders taking part across the various distance course around the estate. Weather remained sunny and mild and riders went away happy.

We established a good cover net on 145.200MHz using 5w to a small mast mounted dual band collinear.  Crossband talk-through allowed local remote control  so the control position was flexible on the site as per the usual requirement.

Report from Sandringham Walk Ten event 15th Aug 2015

Thank you to all the team that turned out to help at this one.  We operated for British Red Cross who had no issues to deal with on the 10km walk. Walker numbers were sadly half of previous year so we only had around 340 taking part.

We used the usual cross-band 2m to 70 cm arrangements which allowed for a  flexible control location on the site. 5W to a dualband W50 at around 6m provided good cover to the handhelds and mobiles around the event.

Report from EGB 2 day horse ride 20 & 21 June 2015

Thank you to all those that were able to assist at this event spread over two days.  We managed to get a reasonably good coverage on 2m from a better location at Courtyard Farm that made it (just) to all the points.

Saturday proved the busiest day in terms of incidents and Sunday was quiet in comparison but had more riders and operators.

m3mpdringsteadringstead1ringstead2 ringstead3

Report from Samaritans Cycle Ride Sun 17May2015

Thank you to all those that were able to assist with communications at this event. We had one of the largest turnouts of around 175 riders for this one.  An anti-clockwise route was ridden with the water stop at Red Barn crossing.

Communications wise we established a 2m net that covered the bulk of the route from the one location. We had our usual difficult coverage into the northern part of the course but managed to relay any signals needed.

First aid wise was quite quiet with just a couple of minor incidents to deal with.

Report from Sandringham Charity Horse ride Sun 10th May 2015

A big turnout out of around 220 riders for this one. The route had been changed from previous events and was changed again on the Friday before to cater for some irrigation pipes!
No medical or other incidents of note to report.
Radio wise we ran a good net on 2m with 5W to our usual low slide-up mast with localised cross-band talkthough to allow the flexibility of control location.
We also set up a HF net on 80m which worked for most apart from the control location. It turns out the voltage convertor that is used to stabilise the battery outlet is an excellent localised HF noise generator – back to the drawing board with that one!

Thanks to the members that were able to assist on this one.

Report from West Norfolk Countryside Ride Sunday 29th March 2015

Thank you to all the members that turned out to support this charity horse ride around the Houghton estate. We had just under 150 horses taking part on one of the most challenging days of weather in a long while. Heavy rain showers, hail & lightning led to some very extreme conditions for the riders. Thankfully no injuries to deal with.

The set up of 5w VHF  to a low mast dual band collinear worked faultlessly throughout – even the lightning avoided it!!!

Houghton Control

The control position!

Houghton Mast

Mast & crossband repeater

Hougton View

Some of the line up