Event Calendar

Here is a list of the events and exercises the group are assisting with.

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Wissey Half Marathon
Sep 1 @ 09:30 – 13:00

This is a half marathon with up to 350 runners taking part. User service is St John Ambulance.

Organiser website is here 

Course route will download at this link

Start time of race is 10:30. Please be in position by 10:15 .

Operational frequency of 144.650 MHz.

Planned locations are:

Location Grid Operator Name Notes
Start/Finish Area Oxborough Village Hall  TF744016  Use TT as required
Tail  As reqd  Peter
Control  As reqd  G1SCQ  Kevin
Beachamwell Water Point  TF745055  To relocate after bulk through
Barton Bendish Water Point  TF713054
Boughton Water Point  TF700019  After bulk through Beachamwell


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Sandringham Charity Horse Ride
Oct 6 @ 09:00 – 16:00

This is a multi-distance charity horse ride – 5/8/10 miles.  There can be up to 200 horses taking part throughout the day.

Ride start time is 09:15 although it is useful to get on site from around 09:00 to set up equipment. Finish times vary from 14:00 but generally all done by 16:00.

We will use 144.650MHz as the main frequency.  HF can also been used as a secondary net. Monitoring is subject to noise level at control (generators!).

Course route can be downloaded here – TBA


Tac Call Location Callsign Name Notes
Control TF694275 G7RNA/P  PE31 6AZ
R1 TF698282
R2 TF722284
R3 TF709260
R4 TF697262
R5 TF690270



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